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[x] my awesome new phone :)
[x] my awesome new phone :)やっと新しい形態があった、しかもピンクですぅ~♥ :)

[x] Finish ff13 last month..I have to say the story is quite dissapointing! I think FF has kinda lost its magic :( The characters aren't lovable except for lightning..damn that girl is full off awesomeness. But the story didn't even revolve around her which sucked!.. Towards the end it was pretti much Faye and the annoying vanilla saving the world..it would have been more epic if lightning was in Faye's shoes instead..

[x] Can't believe LOST ends next week.. T_T

[x] Work? many has quit which is no suprise since I do work for a dodgy airline..

[x] Is over doing my project, Study+work= draining x_x もうやだ!

[x] On another exciting note! Me and my friend are off to Korea at the end of September since a friend of mine is getting married :D Then planning to go back to Japan for a bit, have lunch with a few mates and stock up on my *cough*ワンピースグッズ*cough* yes I want more chopperman crap!! After Japan I'm off to Malaysia to visit another friend!! ☆THATS THE PLAN☆!

[x] Witnessing a person's dream to be a mangaka coming closer and closer and helping them even by the slightest, I seriously feel the urge to draw again...though its been years since I last put pencil and paper together!

[x] Has got to stop online shopping..マジで・・

[x] Needs more One Piece..
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