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Fuck You Mr Dentist

Today went to the dentist all the way in woop woop. He's my dad's friend son, he is Indonesian with a singlish accent. Before he started cleaning my teeth he told me to say 'mississippi' twice and 'six' ten times...he didn't expain why so I just though,"oh what a weirdo" Later he starts scraping my teeth and after 10mins I smell blood. Yes he made all my gums bleed I rinse for 3mins nonstop but my teeth still bled.

After my dad tells me that the dentist said I have a lisp and should wear a retainer. What the fuck, ok I know I stutter but a lisp.. really?! How can a singaporean know if I have a lisp or not?! our accents are completely different and he only met me just today! Fuck You dentist I speak better english than you.

Does he even know what a lisp is?! I taught fucking english for fucks sake of course my pronuciation of 's's are more heard than other people because it is a habit to pronounce words clearly. my fucking 'six' sounds like 'ssixs' not 'thixths'.

I'm going to have another appointment with the dentist to fill up my gaps. I will ask him why he thinks I have a lisp. FYI this fucking dentist has been putting all my sisters down, talking as if he is better than all of us.. I bet he's fucking jealous we look prettier than his nerdy lisped girlfriend.
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