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Dear Journal,

I miss America and it's good burgers, cheap food, cheap clothes, english speaking Mickey and even those black girls me and my sis got in a fight with :D

But most of all I miss Warner Bros studio!!! yes if I had enough money I would buy a house in Burbank. I would stalk stars and watch live tapings again and again☆★☆

23/11/2009 first day at WB went on the VIP tour..Aaaaawesome stuff. Our little carriage had mainly auzzies in it :D soooo very proud. while going to see the set of Two & a half men we saw....Johnny Galecki ♥,the guy who plays lenoard in the Big Bang Theory!! yes, we communicated a bit to him..us Auzzies after that started screaming at oneanother :D :D

24/11/2009oh.m.gee..our second day at WB we went to see the live taping of the Big Bang Theory, a special thanksgiving/xmas episode called 'The Maternal Congruence' we all tried laughing really loudly so our voices could get recorded..but alas it's not as easy. The actors have to do at least 2 takes for each scene and sometimes the directors would change what they were saying to see our reaction. This got tiring. We were fed a slice of pizza and given water...not bad since it was free. We might of watch the best episode ever since the ending was a little unexpected :D :D :D In the end we stayed around to get autographs :D we got Johnny's and Simon's (walowitz) who on the show is creepy but in real life he's so nice and stylish~♥!!

Downloaded the episode last week and we can hear our laughter♪ :D soooooo fake :D :D

I want to go back dammit
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