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3月24日went to see burimyu!!!omg it was sooooooo good. The stage was quite small but the actors used the whole place! they came out through doors we come in and run through the crowd! it was very kool!whole musical started from when ichigo fights with renji, who he and niisan brings rukia back to soulsociety. And it ends with rukia saying she will stay in soulsociety etc2.

Anyway the main reason for going to the burimyu was to see isaka tatsuya live lol! he is so hot! before the intermission, there was the scene where rukia is about to get killed and ichigo comes save her..well he comes out from the back of the stage, a few rows from where i was sitting!! wow that gave me and most likely the whole crowd a heartattack! right after that the lights go out and its break time..more than 1/2 the crowd runs to all exits to try and meet him! it was quite humourous..should of done that too

ONe of the most funny parts was when nissama was in bed and renji wanted to tell him something..after that the stage moved towards the back and renji`s actor moriyama almost stacked it tried to cover it up but stacked it againm then looking confused!! it was hillarious the whole crowd clapped and couldnt stop laughing..hihihi

Over i probably bought all the goods there..spent 200dollars..huhuh some i got double..even triple of because i couldnt read the kanji(笑)owh i should revise on my kanji and sell those extra goods on ebay!
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