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Oho Season 2!!

at the internet cafe now!!been here for 6hrs..and my head hurts! i`ve finally watched the second season of HEROES wow its creepily great!!!! all that stuff thats happened to Molly! holly molly~freaky drawing of silar gahhhhhhh and then Peter appeared in the end wooooooooot! and then 2nd episode was great..ish..watching on youtube is not too good though can hardly see anything! but yeah what-his-name in clare`S class is a freaky werido bah! but makes it all so interesting esp the last part oooooooo cant wait for ep 3!! i really need internet huhuhuhuhuh

So far its been work work work! and i am getting tired haha and what holiday now!! i work 9-12 at kindy then in the afternoons 4 or 5 to 6 or 7 i teach english to junior high kids ranging from 5-12 years old everyday even on saturdays!! *le sigh* so i havent had any time to go out to places often! bah!
BUT tm i might get a PSP!! ehhehehe but ist a psp2000 i duuno but i can watch tv on there apparently, also i can connect the game to tv so i can play on bigscreen fefefefefefe ..plus the game ff7:crisis core is out fefefefe another reason to buy it!!

woo i have 10min left! i have pictures on facebook so yes..join! hehe
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